Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best Part of Last Night?

This is the kind of fun you can have
with a Cairn terrier
It was NOT the joy of driving an hour (Each way. Uphill.) through horizontal quasi-freezing rain and snarled traffic whilst the offspring indulged in a game of "he said-she said" and Stooge-like eye-poking.

It wasn't the bliss of sitting in the comfort of a heated lounge whilst enjoying a glass of wine and watching the aforementioned offspring take a lesson, improve their riding skills and their bond with the horses. ( I didn't get to watch the lesson. My barn buddy Libby -- there you are in print again, Libby! - and I were huddled over her computer working on a Christmas project. Although there was wine involved, so that was good.)

It wasn't even the joy of hearing the kid's laughter as they played with Libby's adorable Cairn terrier Percy.  (Seriously?  You wanna have some fun?  Get yourself a Cairn terrier, a ball, and a couple of objects you can jump, and see what kind of giggles you can get up to.)

The best part of the night was going into my mare's stall, parking my butt in the corner on a pile of (clean) banked shavings, and just sitting there while she put her big ol' head in my arms and we just breathed each other in.  That, my friends, was the best part of my night.  As far as I can see, it just doesn't get much better than that.

(Oh, and if you thought today's post was going to be a bit racier based on the post's title, I'm sorry to disappoint. But since this is the Internet and my kids do read this blog occasionally, sometimes I gotta try to take the high road and keep it PG-13. LOL.)


  1. Sometimes just being with our horses is enough. Especially on those days that raced ahead of us like a cairn Terrier following a ball. I think Pippi knows when I need a hug, and some help steadying my breathing, and she gives a look that says "Silly human, who are you trying to fool? Just breathe!" Sounds like Sug has the same effect. Wonderment!


  2. Lovely post :)

    Is there also an adorable Jack Russell terror in that picture?!