Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Horse Addict Travels...

What do you do when you have to leave home and you don't see your horse for a while?  Scroll through  pics on your phone?  Bring along the latest issue of your favorite equestrian publication?  Wear your boots or barn jacket so you have something that smells like home? (The horsie version of Linus and his blanket?)

I had to head out to Texas on a business trip this past week and here's how I fed the horse addiction while I was away from my ponies:

Holy crap!  Finally an airport newsstand that sells equestrian publications!

On my way between cities I saw a sign for a tack shop.  What self-respecting horse person can resist exploring a new tack shop?  Not me!  I walked in wearing my Professional Business Woman outfit, and walked out looking like a local. (Alright, maybe not, but I gave it my best shot!)

I've found my people!

I need THAT one, and THAT one...

These need to come home with me.
So many to choose from!

Me in my new outfit with STT's Mary and offical canine mascot, Pita.

A few miles down the road I passed Southwest Stallion Station, a premier breeding facility that stands several Quarter Horse racing stallions.  I wanted to pull in and visit, but the black skies, high winds and tornado warnings made me think that continuing on to Austin was probably a better idea.  Next time!

Maybe somebody oughtta set up a 12 step program for horse addicts? LOL!


  1. Austin! My home :) We don't have super amazing horse sites here, not like the rest of Texas when it comes to cowboy couture.

  2. New to your blog...but YUP! 12 step program indeed!