Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flying the Horsie Freak Flag High...

You know those horse people things we do that other folks don't get, like half-halting grocery carts, poking people and clucking at them to get them to move over, counting strides between cars on the highway, and seeing no issue with washing human clothes and horsie clothes in the same load, much less the same washing machine?

I have two more for you:

1) This past week I was at the gym. A quick look to either side and in front of me confirmed that everyone else was either watching the bank of TVs, or reading Men's Health, Shape, Self, Prevention, or some other gym-appropriate reading material. I'd brought my own reading material from home, and was (can you believe it?) the only one catching up on the latest issue of The Chronicle of the Horse. I know-seriously? Don't these people appreciate good literature??

2) This past Sunday I flew out to Las Vegas on a business trip. Miracle of miracles, I arrived at the airport with time to spare, and so parked at the gate, fired up the old iPad, and commenced watching some Global Champions Tour live streaming. And I was into it, riding every stride with the riders and
exclaiming with disappointment when appropraite. (Umm, that means I was saying "Crap!" or "Shit!" each time a rail fell). After a while I realized I'd drawn a crowd. Several guys, no doubt thinking I was watching the NFL, were standing in a semi-circle behind my seat, no doubt pretty darn confused when they realized the athletes I was focused on were 4-legged, not two. One guy even asked me, "Who's playing?" Ummm, ponies vs. poles???

How would you have answered that one?


  1. Hahaha! I love it. I, too, suffer from massive Horse Brain. I cannot walk through my office without counting strides on the carpet squares (I even have certain parts of the floor designated as an "oxer" combination). Usually when I have a spare minute to fire up the iPad, I pull up the COTH Forums. And so on... That is really funny what happened in the airport, though.

  2. "Ponies vs. Poles" ... Will definitely have to use that one. You know it's really bad when you poke someone, cluck for them to move, and instead of looking at you dumbfounded, they actually move over. That's when you know you're little brother has the pony bug :) The reply was, "Sh*t, I can't believe I just moved..."

  3. Oh my goodness that is awesome!! Although sometimes I'm sure it's more of human vs horse affair :D