Friday, October 18, 2013

Pretty In Pink? Heck Yeah! Bays for Boobies Rides to Cure Breast Cancer...

As you may recall, my blogging buddy Marissa asked me to team up with her to do the 3rd Annual Ride for the Cure to raise funds for breast cancer research.  Our team is called Bays for Boobies because her horse Tucker and Sug, our official team captains, are both bays.

Since I last wrote about our efforts, a lot has happened.  Two teammates, Ethan and Chrisie, have joined us, and thanks to a bunch of wonderful folks, we've done a fantastic job raising funds!  Bays for Boobies has raised $2,000 for the Central and South Jersey Komen Ride for the Cure!

WHOOHOO!!  I'd like to offer a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has donated, and to everyone who plans to keep us in their thoughts as we try to help make a difference.  Thanks to your support Bays for Boobies is in 4th place in terms of funds raised!

The ride is 2 days away, and, well, lets just say we have been enjoying the HECK out of ourselves getting ready for it! We are gonna look like a Pepto Bismol explosion on horseback!  Marissa's mom made a  ribbon and flower wreath that goes in their tails, we have a breast cancer ribbon stencil for their rumps, hot pink ear bonnets, hot pink polo wraps, and hot pink bell boots.  

Sug will be sporting a specially embroidered CoolFit Jumper Pad with the pink breast cancer ribbon, which was donated to the cause by the wonderful folks at ECOGOLD. We also have pink crystal rubber bands to braid their manes with, pink glitter for their manes and tails, and we’ll all be wearing pink shirts/sweaters.  Even Ethan, who is very secure in his man-hood and would look handsome in any color you put him in.

I CANNOT wait to get to the event to see everyone all decked out in their best pink duds with all their pinked-up/pimped up ponies.  Rest assured there will be many pictures to share with you all!! 

Thank you again for all your well wishes and support.  There's still time to donate if that's something you feel called to do.  Click here to go to Sug's and my web page if you'd like to help us "do our bit" to eradicate breast cancer.