Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's Good To Be The Queen...

Sug loooooves when Aunt Carolyn visits!

Sug would like everyone think she has a rough life.  That's a load of horse-hooey.  Bless her heart, she does have to put up with a lot from the kids and I.  Heaven knows she's had to save our bacon many times, whether its doing her best Superman impression when we find yet another long spot or just staying beneath us when we decide we want to take off before she does and jump ahead of her.

However, no one who know her is buying what she's trying to sell.  Anyone who has bordered with us knows Sug's Aunt Carolyn, who comes to massage and laser away her ouchies.  She's got Ryan, her favorite farrier, giving her mani/pedis every couple of weeks.  Her Aunt Amy stops by from time to time to adjust her spine and administer some acupuncture - Sug absolutely loves the pointy feel-good needles!  Sooooo relaxing and they take all the aches away.

And, of course, there are the treats.  The Sainted Mare gets her special Kool Aid (a bucket of water with some grain and electrolytes in it) after a ride to keep her hydrated.  She gets plenty of carrots from us and from her Aunt Maryalice.  Then there are the special treats: Sug goes absolutely nuts for Boston Creme donuts, chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, pears, grapes, and popcorn.  She puts her special cute face on so you know how very much she would like to share your snack with you.

Are you gonna share that popcorn, Sophie?

So yeah, it's good to be the Queen.  We should all have it so good.

What do you do to spoil your precious pony?


  1. My horse LOVES the Nature's Valley granola bars! If he's being a stinker about coming in from the pasture, all I have to do is crinkle one of the bags & he comes booking in. :)