Saturday, September 27, 2014

Equestrians at the Gym...

I can get on from this side...
Now that my head is somewhat better and I can do light exercise without getting a splitting headache (concussions are so much fun!) I've been getting back to the gym.  While I was there and getting on the elliptical machine, I realized I have what might be considered an odd behavior.  I "mount" from the left.  And I get off on the left as well. No lie.   I also do this when I get on the stationary bike.

I kept an eye on my fellow exercisers while they got on and off their machines.  Most seemed to be able to mount and dismount from either side.  Hmmmmmm.  At this point I flashed back to our family vacation this summer.  I had noticed then that my kids and I, the family equestrians, all got on our bikes from the left. Only my husband got on from either side.  I also remembered that I'd tried to get on the bike from the right side once, and it was awkward as heck.  Kinda like a penguin attempting a pole vault.

Fellow equestrians - do you do this??


  1. Too funny - yes.
    I mount my tractors from the left as well. ;D

  2. I honestly never noticed that... Until you mentioned it. Going back in my mind I totally do it every time I get on a motorcycle too.

  3. time I work out I will check (could be a while haha)

  4. haha never noticed it before - but yes! also - when climbing over pasture fences, always left foot 'in the stirrup' and swing right leg over...

  5. Haha! Yes! As a kid I had 'reins' attached to my handlebars and used those to turn too.

  6. Yes, totally. However - I also try to make a point of mounting from the right periodically, to get Tristan used to it. So I'm not 100% awkward when I do mount from the right...just 75%.