Friday, May 21, 2010

My son was home sick from school the past few days.  I work from home when I'm not travelling, so it's not that difficult logistically when one of the kids is sick.  I normally hop on the treadmill after getting them off to school, and usually watch my horse releated DVDs, or, as my husband calls them, "game tapes" while working out.   Noah decided to crash on the couch and watch with me while he was home.

Our video of choice was from the ShowJumping Clinic series, one of Ian Millar's.  I like his style; as he says, he's all about repetition, rather than escalation, which is something I think we can all work on.  I like to think learn something new each time I watch my tapes, however, it's a new experience when one is watching with an  11 year old budding equestrian with a penchant for asking questions. 

Let me tell you, you really know how much you understand something when you try to explain it to a kid.  I've had several aneurysms (usually driving in rush hour traffic) while trying to explain the mysteries of the universe to my kids.  "How does water get up into water towers?  Pipes, valves, pressure....No?  Okay, you know how the earth revolves?  Yeah?  Well, when the earth turns upsided down every night the water goes up into the tower and then the shut a door and it keeps the water in.  That work for you?  Excellent!"

Ian was trying to explain the striding and how he was planning to ride it, and Noah asked me to help explain why Ian said some lines were more of a forward ride and some more conservative.  Well, maybe it's easy for you to multitask, but walking, talking, and trying not to go bassackwards off the back off the treadmill while translating Olympian to middle school darn near killed me.  Somehow, I must've said something that made sense to the kid, becasue he got it.  Was a beautiful moment, and a very special one for me as a Mom.

Was even better the next night when he put it into practice in his riding lesson.  No if I could just get him to put away his clothes....

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