Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Libby is a dear friend of mine.  We became friends when she started taking lessons at the barn where I was boarding.  On many levels we are completely different people.  I over-communicate, Libby tends to say only what she feels is necessary.  I tend to over-emote, Libby has to give thought to what she feels.  Because of and despite our differences, our friendship works.  Here are a few examples of what it's like in our world:

At Hunter Farm's Princeton Show Jumping:

Me: Holy Cow!  I just bumped into Frank Chapot - literally bumped into him!
Libby: Who?
Me: Frank Chapot! (I go into longwinded recitiation of Mr. Chapot's accomplishments).
Libby: Oh. That's nice.

At Garden State Horse Show:

Me: Libby, look! There's Anne Kursinski!
Libby: Who?
Me: Anne Kursinski! (Libby calmly listens to me as I recount some of Ms. Kursinski's resume).
Libby: Oh. That's exciting.  Where is she?

Me: Libby, that's Peter Leone going into the ring! I audited his clinic at Equine Affaire!  He's (again, Libby listens as I blather on about yet another equestrian).
Libby: Right, I remember that.  That was where you got that tip on getting the horse to come off the fence on the correct lead by blocking with the inside leg, or something?

From the FEI World Cup Finals in Las Vegas:

Me: Hello Libby? Guess what? I'm watching the course walk at the World Cup and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum is only about 30 feet from me. And there's Ludger, and Marcus, and Steve Geurdat!  And McLain Ward!!!! 
Libby: Who? 
Me: She's ranked world's # one, her horse is Shutterfly! And he's ........... (you know what's happening by now, right?)
Libby: You must be having a blast!

Poor Libby, scenes like these have played out more often than either she or I care to remember.  Bless her heart, she lets me go on endlessly, no doubt sounding like an E! Online correspondent devoted solely to all things equine.  I truly hope that I listen even half as attentively when she speaks about pathology and rat complements!

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