Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weekend With Bernie - The Prelude

Are you crazy?  It's COLD out!
Big excitement going on around here.  This weekend Sugar and I are supposed to attend a clinic with renowned equestrian Bernie Traurig!  We're hitching a ride over with our good friend Marissa and her boy Tucker, which will double the fun all around. Fun for me as I get to hang out with Marissa, which I don't get to do often enough. Fun for Tucker as he can flirt with Sug for two whole days, and fun for Sug as she has somehow bewitched Tucker into giving her the entire contents of his hay bag.

At one point last week I was thinking we'd have to miss it, as Sug was very ouchy and lethargic, but the vet came out and we started her on a course of Doxy and so far things look good, fingers and toes crossed, although CRAP, why did I let those words come out of my mouth!  No whammies no whammies no whammies no whammies!

She's got a hot date, and as you know when a gal has a hot date she has to foof herself  up a bit, right?

Sug showered...

Mom! No soap in the eyes, please!

And she shaved (all the way up, too, the little hussy!)

Nekkid (and possessed?) mare.
 Looking forward to sharing more about the clinic in the coming days.  Wish us luck! 

Did I mention I am nervous as heck?? 


  1. Don't be nervous! We are going to have so much fun! I just made my To Do list and put the good breeches in the washing machine. Tucker is getting spiffed up tomorrow night for his dream date, and yes, she can have all the hay. He'll just stand there making googly eyes at her the whole ride.

  2. Oh fun, enjoy the clinic! Nothing better than a horsey road trip with a friend!

  3. Ah you are going to do awesome! Sug looks great all spiffed up :)

  4. Have a great time!! And teach us all the good stuff when you are done! :)

  5. Have a blast. Can't wait to read all about it.

  6. Can't wait to hear all about the clinic! Sug is gorgeous, by the way. :D