Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Special Mare's Special Day...

My gorgeous Birthday Girl.
Seventeen years ago today Madame Mare graced the planet with her presence.  I can only wonder what that day was like.  What kind of hopes and dreams did her breeders have for her?  Were they looking to further their breeding plans?  Were they hoping for success in sport?  Or were they looking for a horse that would be their next riding companion?  I can only imagine what those early hopes and dreams may have been for the filly they named Obottie. 

Five years ago this month she became a huge part of my hopes and dreams, and she continues to add joy to my life with each day she is in it.

Thank you, my wonderful Sainted Mare, for all you have given to me and to my family.  Thank you for taking  me and my children into your big heart, for taking care of us, and for teaching us.

Here's to many more Happy Birthdays together.

And yes, dearest, not to worry. We will be bringing a plethora of your favorite treats to the barn tonight to celebrate.


  1. Huzzah!! Happy Birthday to Herself!! :)

  2. Happy FoalDay Sugar. You like great wine, just get better with age. And unlike with the wine, your human will allow that to happen (by taking great care of you). I wish you lots of donuts, scratches and quiet time with your human family.