Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Days...

Winter storm Nemo (do they name every storm now?) just blitzed through the Northeast and dumped quite a bit of the white stuff on us.  I know that we humans love to use a good snow day as an excuse to lie around and relax and, from the attitude I was sensing from Sug and James today, it seems horses do as well.

I was greeted by this face, which seemed promising...

Hi there!  Do you have a carrot for me?

However, the happy face was quickly followed by this face, which was less promising.

Crap. You're going to want to ride, aren't you?

James didn't seem to be too enthused about the prospect of riding, either.

No!  I don't wanna go.  You can't make me!

Oh, alright.  But only because you gave me a carrot.

James thought that maybe he could escape riding by digging his way to China.

Maybe I can dig my way out of this.  Or maybe I'll just have a good roll.

No horses were harmed during the making of this photo montage.  They were however, susequently ridden.  They survived that as well.


  1. Too cute! Hope you all had a good ride, though. :)

  2. A little snow never hurt anyone. Midst of the blizzard my friend and I jumped into the snow with the ponies and had a photo shoot. That's what snow is for! We went on our first trail ride today (yesterday there was a travel ban). 2-3ft of snow? Psh, like that would stop us! HAVE FUN!