Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Chance to Help Out...

Have you ever been overwhelmed?  In a situation where life knocks you around and swamps you, and you dream of just one hand reaching out and helping you on that first step out of difficulty to better times ahead?  One of our fellow equestrians needs that helping hand.

From Horse Junkies United:
On June 9th at 6:30am, 22 year-old Virginia eventer Talia Czapski was on her way to work at the barn with a friend, when their car was hit in a head-on collision by an unlicensed, speeding, 19 year-old drunk driver.

Talia had to be airlifted to Inova Fairfax hospital with two broken femurs, a broken hand and a broken foot. She successfully underwent surgery and is now in the rehab facility at Mt. Vernon Hospital in Alexandria VA. Her injuries are debilitating, and faces a painful and long-term convalescence.

Her trainer Lee DiGangi said: “This is a lovely, kind, hard-working, decent and wonderful young woman (only 22, working her way through college AND working full time to support her horse Aria), she has toiled for everything she has and is the opposite of an “entitled young person”. She got her mare for free (after she failed a PPE and no one wanted her), and nursed her back to soundness. She has been patient and tireless.”

Without the ability to work (she was holding 2 jobs to afford her riding expenses), the long recovery and medical bills, it will be difficult for Talia to care for her mare so her friends have set up a fundraising website (click on this link) to help cover Talia’s horse bills: “We are all pitching in to help so that Talia doesn’t have to worry about Aria’s care while she is healing. If we are able to raise enough to cover Aria’s board, farrier, vet and other misc expenses, this will greatly ease Talia’s mind – and will be a Godsend not only to her, but to her family and friends.”
Patricia Da Silva, founder of Horse Junkies United and ECOGOLD's Marketing VP said, "I asked the big boss at ECOGOLD (aka – my father) if we could organize a fundraiser where a percentage of sales would be donated to help Talia. And… he said YES!"

So, here are the details for the ECOGOLD fundraiser - please feel free to share!  Remember, if you don't need anything from ECOGOLD you can also donate here if you are moved to do so.

ECOGOLD will donate 20% on ALL ORDERS placed in the EVENTING SECTION of the website, which has been renamed Talia’s Fundraiser, until June 25 2013 (one week).

If anyone would like any item in another section (Dressage, Hunter/Jumper) to count towards this fundraiser, just write “Talia’s Fundraiser” in the comments and it will be added to the total.

Thanks you for reading, sharing, donating, or offering good thoughts Talia's way.


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  2. That's a really great thing to do. Nice to see from a company like Ecogold!

  3. Talia sounds like a great person and it is wonderful that the horse community has come together for her.

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