Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bringing a Little "Pop" to Our Barn Time

My father-in-law has a construction job by us, so instead of driving the 2 hours back and forth to Philly he spends a couple nights a week at our place.

We've really been enjoying our quality time with Pop, and I think he's having fun, too. Tonight he came down to the barn to watch Sophie's riding lesson. 

Pop's an animal lover- I never fully realized how much until years ago when he let it slip that as a child he'd dreamed of being a vet. So it was really cute when he asked a lot of questions about why the trainer had Sophie do certain things, or about stuff we did while grooming or tacking up. 

He clearly enjoyed getting to know James and Sug and was tickled pink when I asked him to graze Sug while I cleaned tack. He was amazed at the way she demolished every blade of grass in front of her. "Does she ever stop eating? Does she even breathe?"

We're looking forward to bringing Pop back to the barn. I think Sug and James will be happy to see him. He's pretty free and loose with the carrots, if you know what I mean .

Sug wants to come out for a wee nibble.

She's not gonna go anywhere, right?

It's just like walking a big dog!

Does she ever stop to breathe?


  1. So sweet!
    My horse absolutely loves my Dad, who has zero horse experience, but the very best manner around Val. ;D

  2. That's great. I love when they slip. My Dad as it is complains about the dog but then you walk in the living room and the dog's sitting by the recliner with his head on the arm and my Dad's hand on his head. Love it!

  3. Aww so cute, he seems to really like her!

  4. Haha love that! I often wonder if Houston stops to breath when he's gorging himself on the grass!

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  6. I love some of the questions non-horse people makes me realize how "mythical" they seem to those who aren't around them. I've never thought about my horse not breathing while he plows through mouthful after mouthful after mouthful of grass!