Friday, July 23, 2010

Reason #355: Why I Love My Mare....

You can tell that Sug was a mommy in her previous life, and that she looks upon my children as her foals.  She takes such care of them when they are on her back or around her on the ground; she's always gentle with them and careful of them.  She's also been known to scold them in her deep voiced rumble when she thinks they are getting out of line.  Now, I know that she is an animal and as such, is unpredictable.  That's why I take care to supervise the kids' interactions with her and mitigate any situations that might pose more than the danger inherent in hanging out with 1000lb animals.  However, one look at this video and you can see why I absolutely adore this creature, and trust her as much as I do with my children.

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