Monday, July 12, 2010

Need a life, much????

Last Friday afternoon I went to the barn, rode two horses, and then drove 4.5 hours to Connecticut through Friday night beach traffic on I-95 (need I say any more??) to spend the better part of this weekend watching my friend's daughter compete in a horse show.

Got to Connecticut around 8pm (effing Connecticut traffic!!), had a quick but enjoyable dinner (love ya, Alforno!) and then went to the show for night check.  Got up at o'dark hundred the next morning to head to the horse show (Venti triple shot latte, anyone) and spent the day in the hurry-up-and-wait mode associated with horse shows. 

At some point during the day we escaped to have lunch and hit the outlet mall.  Let me just say that clothes shopping gives me fits.  I get twitchy about 5 minutes into any shopping trip, and quite frankly, am completely overwhelmed in most retail situations.  I will buy 12 different colors of the same shirt if it fits just to make life easier. 

Horse shopping, however, is a horse of a different color.  (Sorry, had to do it).  I hit the horse show's tack shop at least 4 times, and must've picked up and touched every darn thing in the store.  I can spend HOURS shopping for my horse.  I don't have the cashola to do serious damage, but if I did, she'd be the best dressed equine on the block.  Dress sheets make me swoon, leather goods sent me into fits of ecstasy, and I can debate the merits of various types of boots until the cows come home.  Bought a completely un-needed wool dress sheet that was on sale for a ridiculous amount, just because my angel looks pretty in navy and lavender.

Another trek down I-95 and I'm home.  What do I do once the kids go to sleep?  I cruise some of my favorite horsey web sites, read the latest issue of Chronicle of the Horse (I always mean to savor it, never can muster the willpower and ALWAYS read it in one sitting) and crawled into bed with, you guessed it, a horse book. 

A friend of mine suggested I've got an obsessive-autistic issue. (?????!!!!!!????)  Really??  Dr. Phil much? Another suggested I need a life.  As she does nothing but watch Court TV all day, her opinion doesn't weigh much. 

Frankly, I don't care.  I'm good with it.  The kids are fed, the house is standing, no science projects in the fridge, and no one seems to be getting hurt.  I'm thinking that in the scheme of things, I'm ahead of the crack whores.  Nothing like setting the bar high.....

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