Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beating the Heat - Equine Style

Saw this video over on Barnmice this morning.  It sent me into fits of giggles.  Seriously.  Just cracks me up.  Every. Time. I. Watch. It.  

The horse enjoying himself in the sprinkler is 24 years old. The learning point this video makes (um, yeah, I DO find deeper meaning in a video of a horse playing in a sprinkler) is that age can be an empowering thing. 

When we age, many of us tend to start thinking, "Forget it.  I'm gonna do what makes me feel good, no matter what other folks think."  This is the one good thing about getting older.  There isn't anything else. 

Good ol' 24 here was hot, and he did something about it, where a younger horse may have been scared to try something new, or just too worried that his barn buddies would think he was being a dork.

No, I did not put any Baileys in my coffee this morning.  I really am this odd.  Whatever.  Watch the video.  I dare you not to chuckle.

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  1. Too cute :o) We have a couple here that absolutely love the water hose. Every once in awhile when it gets terribly hot outside (and there isn't a drought) we'll drag out the hose and all play in the water. Fun post.