Friday, July 22, 2011

First Sleep Away Show Ever - Day 2

Day two of the show was Thursday.  At least I think it was. The temperature hit 106 degrees at the show grounds and my brain is a little fried.  Luckily Libby, Tara and I showed in the early morning and Sophie was able to hack the pony before 9:30, when the temp was only a balmy 94.  Ugh.  I had sweat in places I didn't know COULD sweat.

Short recap:

Libby drove Stratego around her Level 0 round. Stratego had a moment or two where he thought he wanted tobe done with this whole jumping silliness, and Libby firmly reminded him who made the decisions in their relationship. Successful round, happy horse and happy horse owner!

Tara and Rio had a nice round in the Level 1s. They started out a little slower than they normally do (Tara is one rider who is not afraid of a little speed) and had a rail, but otherwise had a really nice course.

Sug was a bit of a noodge in the warm up; really heavy in the left rein and off the left leg. She wanted to just grab the bit in her teeth and barrel forward. I think part of that was my own nerves getting in the way and her reflecting my own stiffness. (Really? Nerves? How shocking!!!) Did a lot of shoulder in to supple her, some trot circle spirals, and counter canter. When we finally jumped a few warm up fences, there was no indication (to me, at least) that we'd have a good round.

Somehow we managed to pull it together and have a good round. I didn't choke up on her, managed to go with her and relax my elbows, and she didn't fight me or make any executive decisions that had us leaving the ground in Newark and landing in Chicago. We left the ring lying in third, and when I went back later in the day to check placings, we actually got a 5th!!! I choked up, I was so surprised and overwhelmed.

The afternoon was spent sweating, shopping, checking out the photographer's booth, and watching friends and barnmates compete. Congrats to Altea's own Annabel Benito on her first place finish with LeBron in the YJC 5 Year Old class. Dana and her Vulcano had a good trip and then Dana hopped on her new partner Jamieson had what was a super trip until that heartbreaking rail at the last fence in the jump off.

A post show dip in the pool and Jacuzzi was in order, then dinner at the Hurley's Mountain Inn. If you're ever in the Suagerties area, give it a try. You won't go away hungry, and the staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and goes out of their way to please. The food is super -- think Sunday dinner at Grandma's, and the Hurley's Mountain Ale is refreshing after a long day horse showing.

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