Friday, October 14, 2011

My Prayers Have Been Answered! Someone Has Combined Soccer and Horses!

Like many Moms, I find myself shuttling my kids to one activity after another.  In my world, that would be mostly soccer and riding.  Thankfully my husband takes the boy to Krav Maga, or I'd be in one of those little white huggie-jackets by now.

Six days out of seven I am schlepping my 10 year old daughter to the barn or to travel soccer practice or tournaments.  On weekends it's usually a two-fer, resulting in what my buddy calls a "sot-ton" of miles on my truck.  In case you didn't know, "shit-ton" is a Mid-Western unit of measurement for a lot of something.

Anyway, you can see why the idea of combining this soccer thing with the equine thing is appealing.

Horse soccer, of Hoofball, as the Europeans call it, is played by 2 teams of up to 4 members, a goalie and 3 linesmen.  The field is approximately 225 x 100, and the goals are delineated by either cones or barrel racing drums.  The ball is a 50" inflatable anti-burst ball. Horses are allowed to walk and trot only, and horses that habitually show a liking for kicking other horses, or demonstrating other aggressiveve  behavior, will be penalized or red carded, depending on the infraction.

There are a good deal many more rules, but I'm not going into all of them.  Feel free to look 'em up over here.

Take a look at the video below.  Looks like a hoot, right?  The only problem I can see is that the ball looks bigger than my daughter's pony....

For more info, or to find a league near you, contact the America's Equine Soccer League.

I guess this trio was just looking for a little pick up game....

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