Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Pony's Letter Home From Camp...

Let me give you some background on this: My dear friend (who happens to be my very first riding instructor) lent my kids her daughter's first pony, Cookie.. We joked that she was sending Cookie away to Summer Camp. To keep my friend and her daughter up to date on the pony's life, I began writing (in Cookie persona) letters home to Cookie's stablemates, as if she were writing home from camp. Sonny, John, and Santos are Cookie's barn buddies from back home.  So now you are up to speed. This is Cookie's most recent letter home . As you can tell, Cookie is a smart little pony, with quite the personality and very high self-esteem.

Dear Sonny, John, and Santos,

Greetings from Camp Altea. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. It’s been crazy busy down here.

We did some showing over the summer. We even went away to a big show called HITS. It’s been years since I’ve done such a big show. I’d forgotten how much fun, and WORK, they were. I got lots of treats and hugs, so I didn’t mind the work so much. And it was nice to get all gussied up. Hair done, mani/pedi, the whole nine yards! You know how I like being fancy. Check out the pics – do I still got it, or do I still got it???

Did I mention how much I liked the treats and hugs?  They were my favorite part.  I even got a teensy taste of ice cream.  I like ice cream!

We did a clinic with a man called Eric Horgan.  He used to event for something called Ireland.  He liked me a lot (how could you NOT like me??) although he said that I deserved a better name.  I think he’s silly.  There’s nothing wrong with my name.  He said together Sugar and I sound like something that should be taken with tea.  Sugar and Cookie? What on earth can he mean?  Of course you can’t have horses with tea.  Anyways, we did flat work, which I excelled at, and some jumping, which I was even more excellent at.  We even jumped a skinny!!

We have lots of fun here at Camp Altea.  I like when Sugar and I go on trail rides.  Sometimes Billie Jean, the donkey, comes along too!

Sophie had a birthday and she wanted to have her party at the barn so all her friends could meet me.  That was fun! I like being a party pony.  It’s an easy job.  You just walk ‘round and ‘round in circles, and let little girls fuss over you.  Sophie’s Mom said I had so much glitter on me I looked like a disco ball.  I even got a small taste of cake.  I would have liked a bigger piece, but you know how Sophie’s Mom worries about my figure.  Darn Jenny Craig pony diet!

Anyways, that’s all the news for now. I’ll write again soon. Miss you guys!




  1. Ok.

    1) Cookie is awesome, and still does have it!

    2) Love the donkey tagging along.

    3) I think that it is great that you give the owner/friend updates and pictures. I have heard many bad stories about people getting their horses back underfed and such. More people should write home from camp!!

  2. Cookie is gorgeous, has great form and clearly has the patience of a saint.

    How could anyone not love her?

  3. I think it's nice when a pony takes time out of her busy day to write home. Good for you Cookie!