Monday, November 21, 2011

Choose Sug's Next Bonnet, and Oh Yeah, a Giveaway!

There's an important birthday coming up in December!

No, not THAT birthday.  No wise men or a star involved in this one, unless you count Ernest & Julio Gallo or Lucky Star Chardonnay.  MY birthday.  A day of great import and significance, at least in my little corner of the universe.

My family has asked me what gift they might bestow upon me to celebrate this momentous occasion.  After much deliberation, I have arrived at the perfect idea - Sug needs a new fly bonnet!  We lost the last one when I did my infamous over-the-head swan dive and inadvertently yanked the bridle off Sugar's head. My trainer got the bridle back on Sug, but we were so busy making sure I had all my teeth that we forgot about the bonnet.

I have found (via the COTH forum) a new supplier of custom fly bonnets.  The name is Sanswill Designs, and these bonnets are truly a work of art.  However, I can't decide which one to get. So, I am asking YOU, my dear friends from the blogosphere, to help me choose which one Sug will be wearing next season.

The colors will be black ears, white cording, and royal blue trim.  The styles are:

#1.  This one -- but with only one row of crystals between the cording and the trim.

#2.  Black ears, white cording, 2 rows of royal trim and finished in black trim.

#3.  This one  - basic black ears, white cording, but with three rows of royal trim.

Check out Sanswill Designs on Facebook, or better yet, for your chance to win your very own Sanswill bonnet, go to GetMyFix and enter to win the contest there.  I did! (Heck, the way I fall off, I had to.  I need a spare!)

Let me know which one you like by leaving a comment telling me which number you think will look best on Sug.  Thanks so much for your input!! I'll count all the votes on Friday 11/25 and let you know the winner.


  1. Ooh, I *really* like the first one. I do love the two rows of crystals though ...

  2. I like them all, really, but #2 is my favorite! That black trim just adds something.

  3. I like the third one, because I feel it would suite Sug best. It's simple elegance seems fitting. Sug doesn't need any bling, the second one seems too bright in color, but the third one's colors are strong and deep. Yep - the third one for sure.


  4. My vote is for #2. They are beautiful bonnets!

  5. Most jealous of #1 (must mean I like it best)!