Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ho-Ho-Holy Holiday Card, Batman!

Does anyone else include their horses in their holiday card?  Or am I the only weird one in that respect?  I can't be, right?  I've seen the holiday shots in the horse magazines, clearly I can't be the only one who puts a Santa hat on her pony and then sends the photographic evidence to all and sundry?

When I started leasing Sugar back in 2008, she became such a big part of our family so quickly that it seemed natural to include her. The first horsie holiday card was so successful we did another the following year and by the time Holiday 2010 rolled around, I would have had a revolt on my hands had I left her out.  I'm not kidding -- clients would ask me in August what she'd be wearing!

Here's the holiday hit list from years gone by...

2008 Photo

2009 Card

2010 Card

So last weekend the whole family schlepped down to the barn with holiday hats in tow and my friend Libby took pictures of us with her jazzy new camera (picture a handheld Hubble Telescope).  She took something in the neighborhood of 180 pictures!!  I'm going to have to pick a much bigger card for 2011!

Seriously, though, am I the only one who does this??


  1. Yes, you are the only one. We were all going to have a talk with you about it, but the others chickened out, so I guess it is up to me..... LOL!!
    Love the cards. Keep doing them. A family is a collection of beings with a common bond, spending time and energy together, so Sug had earned her right to be included. I mean how many times has any other family member carried you around on their shoulders, heaving you over obstacles? On the other hand; how many has thrown you over obstacles? Okay, clearly an argument can be made to support not including her.


  2. I do! My horse(s) are always on the cards, along with the dogs and people :) HAHA

  3. Great pictures. I cannot wait to see what you have picked for this year. There is no way I could convince my husband to do that. I always take separate pics of her and send them to my horsey friends