Friday, November 4, 2011

A Note of Thanks...

Massages are good,
but blog comments are better!
My job requires a bit of travel, which means a fair amount of time spent away from my family and, yep, the barn and the ponies.  Travel definitely has it's upsides (hellloooooo - someone cooks for me, drives ME around, and picks up after me for a change), but the missing the family and ponies part is a definite downside.

The blog has helped tremendously in that it connects me to the barn and the feeling the horses give me when I'm not with them.  However, AWIP has done something even more important than that-- it's connected me with a ton of new friends whose support and kindness lifts me up on a daily basis.

On a recent business trip, the best parts of my day weren't the business successes, the short line at Starbucks or the free 15 minute chair massage sponsored by one of my clients (though that was fabulous!)  It's such a wonderful feeling to reach down for one's phone to check emails and be surprised and elated to find a comment left by a blogging buddy.  My colleagues would invariably ask what had prompted the big smile I was wearing (no doubt expecting news of a big sale) and were always a bit bemused when I'd answer, "Someone left a comment on my blog!"

I can remember the excitement I felt over the first comment I ever received.  That "OMG, someone actually READ what I wrote and cared enough to share their thoughts with me!" feeling.  My husband has a difficult time understanding this. After all, he comments on a lot of the things I say or do.  I do not always get excited over his comments.  In fact, they quite often elicit the opposite reaction. (Yes, dear, I know what you MEANT,  but telling a woman her butt looks less dimply since she started exercising more is NOT the kind of feedback that will have her jumping for joy. Just saying.) I point out to my long suffering spouse that he is contractually obligated to share his thoughts with me, my blogging buddies are not.  There is a big difference, at least to my way of thinking.

So, to all my blogging buddies, wherever you may be: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Thank you for your support, your insights, your kindness, your words of wisdom, and your humor.  Thank you for sharing your time with me and for reading AWIP

You guys are the bees knees!   XOXOXO!


  1. Well, here's another comment, just for kicks! I recently found your blog and have greatly enjoyed reading it. I've also been on a forced horse haitus, assuming the day when I can ride regularly again is just around the corner. Well, that day isn't, but 40 is, and suddenly the idea of jumping back in (on?) is much more intimidating. I love reading stories of people who have succeeded getting back into it!
    I don't comment often- I always imagine no one cares to hear it. But, if it makes you happy and encourages you, I'll try a little harder. :)
    Safe travels, dhar.
    (ps I also don't comment because I'm usually sneaking a peak while at work (avoiding work?)..but hey it's friday!)

  2. I recently (in the last month or so) discovered your blog via COTH :) I enjoy reading though I may not comment.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I'm a definite reader and lurker even though I'm not a good commenter. Thanks for the good reading!!

  4. It's a two-way street, Amy. You brighten our day with your wit and great writing. Keep 'em coming!

  5. I know exactly what you mean, I love my blogging buddies and comments make me happy too. And just think, if we didn't blog, we never would have met!