Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In Which We Experience a Setback...Injury Alert

My apologies for not posting for a while.  I was feeling a bit down and worried because Sug injured herself, and because the Boy got what he considers bad news from the doctor and has to spend more time using the cane. (The good news is there is improvement and we're almost there, however, you can imagine that a cane is NOT the coolest accessory to a 13-year-old's way of thinking.) 

Then all the horrible news from this past weekend - the trailer accident that caused the death of three of Pollard Eventing's top horses, the loss of the show jumping mare Kellemoi de Pepita to colic, and the death of of US equestrian team physician Dr. Craig Ferrell to injuries sustained in a polo accident - just depressed the heck out of me and made me feel small and horrible for having indulged in my own pity party for what are minuscule and trivial setbacks indeed.

Now I have managed to contract a stomach virus, in May, for gawd's sake. However, I am choosing to look at this as a GOOD thing, as Nature's own form of weight loss.  Yippee!  Maybe I can hang on to it long enough to lose the 10lbs I've gained since my accident! (I know, I'm not right in the head, but you knew that already.)

So, the update on the Sainted Mare:  She's got an inflamed branch in her suspensory ligament.  From what, we have no idea.  Luckily, we caught it before it became a tear or anything more serious.  She was on stall rest with hand walking for a couple days, with lots of icing and bandaging.  After Dr. Furlong diagnosed her, the vet techs drugged her up and administered a round of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) to the injury site.

A buzzed Sug catching a buzz -- in more ways than one!

The theory behind ESWT is that it helps soft tissue and joint issues by producing an analgesic (pain killing) effect with an anti-inflammatory effect and by stimulating blood.  The vet tech holds a wand which emits shock or pressure waves, which pulse to a specific site within the injured tissue. Basically it looks and sounds like the vet tech is tasering the horse.  Hence the need for anesthesia.

Sug has been recovering nicely and we've been able to start tack walking.  Hopefully we'll be able to trot later this week after Dr. Furlong reevaluates her and she has her second round of ESWT therapy.  If all goes well (fingers crossed) we should be back in business in about a month.  Of course, there is always the risk of a relapse, since the injured ligament is always weaker, but I get the impression that this was slight enough that we don't need to worry too much.  Although I will, excessively, as that is what I do.

Am off to Walmart to buy as much Bubble Wrap as I can lay my hands on.


  1. It was a tough week and you know, it doesn't help one's mood when human child and horse child are injured... {{{{HUGS}}}}

  2. Forget the Bubble wrap, buy more wine and horse treats. Take wine to barn, overturn a bucket in Sug's stall, sit, hand out treats at will and breathe. All will be well after about two glasses.
    Son will learn to appreciate good health, and learn a little patience (suuuure - my son would lose it and he is 17). Sug will be even more appreciated and spoiled, if possible. :)

  3. Jingles for Sug and you and your boy!

  4. I feel for you. My son just had toxic synovitis, and had a couple days of pain, inability to walk. I can't imagine if it were a long term thing. That is wearing on everyone :-( Speedy recovery to all.

  5. Jingles for you guys. I hope that Sug makes a speedy recovery!

  6. Thanks guys, for all the well wishes! I think we're all on the mend (although i wish I had not been stupid enough to try to eat a pork roll sandwich -- darn cravings!) The boy has been told he can wean himself off the cane and is off to PT, and I'm waiting to hear news from Sug's re-eval this morning. Fingers are crossed. You guys are the bees knees!