Monday, September 10, 2012

A Little Million Magic...

Hey all!  I hope you and your ponies have been having a good time of things as summer wanes and we look toward fall.  Anyone got some exciting plans for the fall?

Sug and Cookie got yesterday, Sunday the 9th, off because Sophie had a soccer game and my buddy Libby and I were heading up to Saugerties, NY, Home of HITS-on-the-Hudson to cover the Pfizer $1 Million and $500,000 Hunter Prix. 

Yep, typical horse nutter.  She gets a day off and what does she do?  Go watch other people ride. 

Darn straight I did, and I have the official press accreditation to prove it. (I can't help it, that still gives me a charge!)

Look!  My press badge.  Signed by Canadian show jumper Jill Henselwood, rider of my most favoritely named show jumper ever, Special Ed. (Yep, so much for journalistic aloofness -- I TOTALLY played the geek card!) 

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd  it gets better!! (Or worse, depending how you looked at it). I totally stood in line for the riders' autographs after the press conference.  Was a total hoot.  The average age of the others standing in line? 12.  Then there was me, a teen aged horse nut at the ripe old age of 42.  McLain and Jill thought that was pretty funny.

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Thanks for reading!

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