Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fun Barn Times With the Kiddos...

Not too long ago I wrote a post about the joys of having a little alone time at the barn.  It's true, that's nice, especially when the kids are doing their Bickersons impersonation.

However, today's post is the flip side of that sentiment.  The other day when the Boy and I arrived at the barn he decided that Cookie looked like she needed a little special attention.  Even though Noah is too big to ride her anymore, he has a huge soft spot for the pony he had so many good times with.

He told me he thought she looked bored in her stall, so he pulled her out and groomed her.  I laughed as I heard him kvetching about the knots in her tail - he must have spent at least 20 minutes just picking them out. Cookie basked in the attention, chewing and licking her lips and turning her head to give him little looks conveying pony approval.  After she was groomed to his liking, he took her for a walk in the indoor, looking for all the world like a boy walking and chatting to his very large dog.

All of us went to the barn the next day, and we all fussed over the girls and hung out with barn friends.  Noah rode Sug for a few minutes before I got on, and when he hopped off Sophie and Cookie took the opportunity to play a few minutes of "herd the big brother."

The next time we went to the barn Soph decided it was time for a pony spa day, and gave Cookie a massage and then clipped her, all the while chatting to the pony and telling her all about soccer and school friends. 

These are the little moments I love, the ones I feel so blessed to have.  I'm so thankful to these wonderful horses that allow us to experience these precious times together.

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