Friday, September 28, 2012

The Great Laundry Debate...

Taking advantage of a litle sunshine.
Ahh yes, laundry day.  Time to rid saddle pads, wraps, bandages and the like of equine detritus. 

For some of you, your barn may have dedicated laundry facilities for you to use.  Others may avail yourselves of an equine laundry service.  Some may watch the dirty laundry pile up and fervently hope barn elves will magically clean it overnight.

Or, you may be like me and schlep the stuff home several times a week.  In that case, you might also have a non-horsey significant other who is not exactly crazed about sharing another aspect of their life with a large, hairy, sweaty animal.   They may, in fact, voice this opinion in no uncertain terms.

My SO, sometimes known as PB (my uncle gave him the moniker Poor Bastard soon after we got engaged) decided one day to voice his displeasure about my use of our washer and dryer for my equine laundry.  His chief complaints were the smell and the hair.  Let's just say he picked the wrong day to go toe- to-toe with me.  I pointed out how I use Febreeze every time I do a load of horse laundry, and how I wipe down the washer and dryer with a Clorox wipe after (almost) every load.

I then dragged him up the stairs towards our bedroom, and good ol' PB, the eejit, got that look guys do anytime you head in that direction.  That gleam in his eyes faded when I detoured into our bathroom.  PB had just gotten home from a workout, and there was a load of FUNKY smelling (why do men smell like onions when they sweat?), wet workout clothes on the floor waiting to be taken down to the laundry room.  I drew his attention to the shower, which he'd just used, and the ton of follicular evidence he'd left behind.  I then pointed out a similar level of follicular evidence left in the sink, remnants of his daily shaving efforts.

I did not even need to say a thing.  PB knew it was Game. Set. Match.  Laundry debate over.



  1. Hehehe! Love it! I do all my horsie clothes in my washer and dryer and, The Man can't complain at all, I've seen him throw his own blood-or grease-covered clothing into the washer and dryer so he can't be TOO picky.

    The only things I won't wash in my own washer/dryer are horse blankets. To get those done I have to sneak into the 24-hour landromat at 3 a.m. so no one can see what I'm washing!

  2. Just washed a load today as the Pip removed and then stomped her wraps into manure. She also dumped fresh, right from production, manure into feed bucket. She is keeping busy while stuck inside. I give her that.
    Hubby never have said a word about equine laundry. He will, just hasn't gotten around to that one yet.

  3. Well done!! The last (big) paragraph slayed me. ;D

  4. I totally do the blankets at the laundromat too!

  5. Mine frowns and says "You know...I like Oz...but I don't want to wear him."
    For some odd reason he doesn't like white Oz hair in his undies.
    Go figure lol.
    I take the stuff to the local launderette, especially rugs, because most of the time I can't fit it in our washing machine anyway. :)