Sunday, March 31, 2013

How To Turn A Non-Horsey Easter Into a Horsey One...

Easter started out with lots of promise for my husband.  The barn was closed, so there was a whole day for him to look forward to without anything horsey on the horizon.  He was looking forward to quality family time with no mention of anything equine whatsoever.  "It's going to be a totally horse-less day."  Umm, dear, have you been putting Baileys in your coffee again?

For example, I started the day curled up in my favorite saddle chair with my morning latte, planning the Easter menu and catching up with Today's Equestrian. After finishing TE, I moved on to the latest Chronicle of the Horse.  The husband noted my choice of reading material with rolled eyes.

After a nice brunch we headed over to a local park to do some hiking by what we like to call The Fire Swamp (no R.O.U.S sightings, thankfully).  Things started out okay for the hubby, until Sophie started cantering instead of walking and jumping every natural obstacle she could find.  And if she couldn't find one, she'd make one, boobytrapping the trail and no doubt pissing off several unsuspecting mountain bikers.  She would then make us all jump whatever she created.  Thankfully there is no video evidence of these shenanigans. Suffice to say, the hubby was not amused.

Fire Swamp

One of Sophie's "natural" obstacles

We got home.  Noah and I made a pound cake, which had bourbon as one of the ingredients.  I used the Woodford Reserve bourbon I'd gotten on my trip to Kentucky to see the World Equestrian Games in 2010.  So of course we needed to talk about the 2014 WEG and whether or not we swing a trip to see it. I also felt the need to sample some of the bourbon while doing some last minute recipe read-throughs.  More eye rolling from the husband.

Two fingers of Woodford Reserve.

After the cake was in the over, I settled in on the couch to write this post.  Sophie went downstairs to play with her Breyer horses, and Noah paged through the Chronicle of the Horse. 

It was at this point that the poor bugger gave up and went to take a nap.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!


  1. Hubby needs to be assimiilated!

    1. Hi fiberchick! Hubby is normally very supportive of the pony addiction. He hurt his knee pretty badly and can't do his favorite activity, so I think he's feeling a bit badly for himself, especially since the 3 of us are always so horse oriented. :)

  2. I'm so thrilled you made a Princess Bride reference.

    1. Liz, glad you liked it! One of the best movies of all time, IMO.

  3. Did he mention having any dreams during his nap? Any neighing in lieu of snoring?

  4. Maybe he should come to the dark side too... :)