Thursday, July 18, 2013


I'm in the food industry and one of the big trends we speak about is what's called Grab and Go consumption.  You know, basically anything that's handy to eat or drink while you're in the car rushing to wherever it is that you have to go.  Breakfast while you run the kids to school? Sure. Lunch on your way to an appointment? No prob!  Dinner on your way to the barn?  Gotcha covered.  There's usually a snack bar and a bottle of water in the cup holders between the driver and passenger seats of my car.  Right where I can reach down and grab a swig of water when I'm hot or shove a quick snack in my face.

Grab and go eating is normally not problematic for me, but it almost became so this morning as I was driving to a client meeting.  I reached down to take a drink from the ever present bottle in my cup holder and thankfully it registered just before I took a drink that "Wait a second!!!  This stuff isn't water!!!" 

I'd forgotten I'd put a bottle of Hooflex Thrush Remedy in the car to remember to bring back to the barn. 

DOH!  Not good for thirst, possibly okay for dealing with a nasty case of hoof and mouth disease? Just kidding!

Maybe it's time for another cup of coffee...


  1. Eek. Luckily you realized it before you tried to drink it. One time a girl in the barn asked me to borrow liniment. I said sure! She came running back on disgust with a bottle of sheath cleaner. I accidentally handed her the wrong bottle... At least I didn't give her liniment to clean her geldings business! That would have been way worse! Gotta love the funny mix ups!

    1. OMG, Hillary, I just spewed my coffee! Thank you for sharing that! I think that's going to be my new term for James' parts. Telling the kids to make sure to put fly spray on his "business" sounds so much better than on his "man bits."