Monday, July 29, 2013

Wierder Than Fiction...

Ok, as you know, there is some crazy-a$$ head scratching stuff out there in the world.  Some of it's good, some bad.  I'm in favor of the good stuff, and this morning I came across some stuff on the interwebz that certainly dials it up to eleven on the old whack-ometer.  Both these videos made me smile, and since it's Monday, I'm sure we could all use a smile, right?

Happy Monday, y'all! 


  1. Holy cow - thanks for the hilarity... (so many questions) *tears streaming down face*

  2. I swear I don't know if people buy Roombas to actually vacuum, or to serve as humorous animal-transporting devices. HAHAHAHA! I have seen a bunch of videos now featuring critters and Roombas. Maybe I can convince Hubby to invest in one purely so we can train the guinea pig and make a fun video....