Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And To Match Those Funky Breeches I Won't Be Wearing...

Why?  That was the only thought going through my brain when I first saw this picture.  Why in the name of all that's holy would you need this?  I mean, I'm all for a little bling, whether it be for you or for your horse, but really, isn't his going a tad far???  (To give some perspective, this is coming from a woman whose trainer nicknamed her Rainbow Bright because of a penchant for buying her mare pink and purple accessories.)

You have to wonder if it would be comfortable.  Looks kinda slippery, really.  Guess that would build some killer leg muscles and a seriously independent seat after a while.  Seriously though, and I admit I might be channeling George Morris and sounding a bit fusty here, I have to say I prefer a traditional saddle.

Although I wouldn't mind this in a bag, belt, or boots.....


  1. I think I want to be like American Cowgirl (can't remember her name, but she passed away in the last year or so). She was 101 and still tacking up her own horse...Boo-yeah! :o)

  2. This would look great as a helmet!