Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chocolate, AND Wine, are Most Definitely Virtues...

My son's friend James came over today, and noticed I had the makings for chocolate chip cookies out on the counter.  "Every time I come here you're making something with chocolate," James said.  "And drinking wine!" adds my smart-aleck son. 

"Boys," I say, "you say this like it's a bad thing.  In MY book, this is called consistency."

"My Mom made blueberry muffins yesterday," continues James, adding, "She also made oatmeal cookies, but she made them unhealthy by adding butterscotch chips."

"James, let me let you in on which way the parade is going" I begin, to much eye rolling by my son. "You should eat healthy stuff. People who eat healthy feel better and live longer."

James is no dope.  He knows me, and and knows there's a big fat BUT in this story, and he's sitting tight and waiting patiently for it.

"People people who drink wine and eats lots of chocolate may die young, but we live and die happy."

James stayed over for dinner -  pasta with bolognese sauce, 3 cheese roasted garlic bread, and not a vegetable in sight (unless you count the tomato sauce). I told him he was carbo loading for his run the next day.  Then we happily snarfed the chocolate/butterscotch ship/bailey's caramel cream cookies I'd made. 

Now, before you get all Food Nazi on me, understand this: James' Mom is a good friend, and those oatmeal butterscotch cookies? Only because she thought the butterscotch chips were chocolate, and finding they weren't, was so desperate for a cookie fix that she made the recipe on the butterscotch chip package.  The blueberry muffins?  She had a mix. So here's the deal - I'm not subverting the kid, just broadening his horizons a bit.

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