Monday, June 6, 2011

Becky Holder Remembers Her Friend Call Me Ollie...

Becky Holder and Call Me Ollie
Becky Holder is a horseperson I enjoy following.  I've never met the woman, but everything I've seen on the numerous DVD's I own, the event coverage available online and in numerous print publications points to a truly classy individual. 

I saw this article from the online version of The PILOT, a Southern Pines North Carolina newspaper, and thought it was worth sharing.  Clearly it hurts to think of the lives sadly lost in the recent True Prospect Farm fire, and the "what might have beens."  However, maybe it will help to heal if one thinks about the meaning these horse's lives had, and what they gave to their human partners.

I love this Becky's fond recollections of her one-time mount, and how it shows how much these beautiful creatures really give of themselves for us.

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