Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little Ones and Horses...

My Big Girl and her Little Girl
There's a saying that goes something along the lines of  "All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl." 

There's not doubt that a good number of little girls, much more so than little boys, seem to go through a horsey phase.  One could also say that some of us never come out of that phase.  However, as the mother of a son who worships the ground my mare walks on, sometimes I think that particular quote a bit biased, and think word "child" should replace the words "little girl."

It's amazing how these animals take care of their humans, and particularly their smaller humans.  Think of HJ Hampton, the top eventer of Run Henny Run fame, who, according to his animal communicator, considers his primary job looking after his rider's young son.

Grooming Her Girl
I swear my mare considers my children her foals.  She will spend minutes on end licking them from stem to stern, looking at me as if to say, "I can't believe you let them out in public like this."  She'll ripsnort around a course of fences with me, throwing in the odd buck when she's particularly pleased with herself, and on the same day trot placidly around a course of crossrails with my son, adjusting herself to ensure she's under him if his balance wavers.

A Quiet Hug

It's not only my mare.  Many of the horses in our barn seem to have a special affinity for the younger ones.  My friend's gelding adores me, mostly because  I am his personal "itch scratcher." However, if my son or daughter comes near, he'll abandon me in a heartbeat to rest his great big head in their arms, or stand like a statue while they hug his legs. 

Perhaps horses just respond to the innocence within children.  Maybe their lack of baggage or agenda and the relative openness in which they approach the horse is the reason.  I certainly have no idea why it is, I just know it's one of those everyday miracles we're sometimes privileged to witness.

I do realize that most of the pictures I'm attaching here are of my daughter.  I'm going to throw my son firmly under the bus here and say that's because the little booger hates having his picture taken.

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  1. I completely agree; I think horses totally understand kids (and I'm sure they thoroughly appreciate the lack of agenda most have beyond "I love you" ;o) Wonderful photos!
    I have gotten the biggest kick out of watching DD and her horse together; he acts exactly like an indulgent parent supervising an adorable well loved child (she's had him for six years; she's now 20). It's a beautiful thing.