Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bulldogs and Horses - Will This Relationship Work?

My Mom always told me to marry a good Catholic boy, as marriage was tough enough without adding extra stress factors into the mix. If interfaith relationships can be hard enough to sustain, one can only imagine how difficult an interspecies relationship might be. 

Apparently, easier than you think.  Maybe we can take a lesson from Potato and Eddie and just try to all get a long a little better, no matter what our outsides look like.

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  1. What a riot! I wonder if the dog had some sort of grooming product (it is New York, after all) that the horse found appealing. I loff the dog's expression... sometimes he seems to be enjoying it, sometimes, "Uhmm, I'm not really sure I like the way you pet me, but you're REALLY big, so it must be OK."