Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Irene and Free Jumping Cats...

As you may or may not be aware, the East Coast was just pummeled by Hurricane Irene. The big storm is estimated to be one of the most expensive in US history, and many towns on the Eastern Seaboard are still dealing with the aftermath of her wrath. 

During the storm itself, my husband and I were worried about whether or not we had enough food and water to sustain us if we were unable to leave the house for days.  We made sure we had batteries, flash lights, lots of non-perishable food items, fully charged cell phones, and bathtubs filled with water.

As the parents of two kids, we also made sure to have entertainment for house-bound offspring.  We loaded up on movies, hoping the power stayed on, and plenty of books if it didn't.  The kids, bless their hearts, were able to find alternate sources of entertainment while Irene raged away outside. 

They taught the cats to free jump.  Well, really, only the one cat.  Dreidel, our Maine Coon, is a bit plump and was clearly of the opinion that fat cats don't jump.  Mo, the less plush and infinitely more nimble orange tom, was enlisted as the feline free jumper.

They started with just the single jump:

Then the kids increased the degree of difficulty by making it a combination:

This excercise kept them, and the cat, busy for hours.  Which is a good thing when you're stuck in the house.

No cats, or kids, were harmed during the making of these videos.

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  1. How funny! Glad to know that you're all in one piece up there and combating boredom was your biggest concern during Irene :o)