Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Love My Kids, I Swear I Do: Take 2

I had to update y'all after yesterday's post about the challenges of getting the kids ready for their riding lessons.   As much as it can sometimes be stressful (and really, I do realize that some of the stress I bring on myself) I do love the time together our riding brings us.

This morning I got up at o'dark hundred (on a Sunday!!) to watch the FEI Rolex World Cup Show Jumping qualifier from Zurich.  There I was, stretched out on the couch, laptop in lap, latte in hand, watching the best of the best jump GI-NORMOUS 1.60m obstacles and thinking "Why am I such a wuss that I go fetal at 3'?"

About 5 minutes into the competition the Boy wandered in and sat down next to me, and the Girl followed a few minutes after that.  So here we all were, cuddled on the couch and staring at the laptop.  I wish you could have heard the commentary from the peanut gallery. 

"Oh! He's a MILE off that one!"

"Ugh!  Too deep, too deep!"

"Let go of his face!"

"Outside leg, more outside leg!!

"Ride up!"

"Wait for it, wait for it."

"Good turn, sweet turn!"

"Oh, there's Ludger! When does Ludger go? Is that Chaman? I LOVE Chaman!" (Yep, we're BIG Ludger fans.)

Of course all of this was accompanied by hisses, groans, shouts, fist pumps and leg kicks (I have bruises - the Girl kicks like a mule and pays no attention to where she's kicking.)

I really feel so blessed, as I know the horses were the best part of my childhood, and I truly feel as though horses and the time we spend as a family with the horses will be the best part of my kid's childhood. 

And at least I had a good start to the day, which will hopefully stand me in good stead as we have another riding lesson today.  Am keeping fingers crossed that there will be less "cat herding" moments.

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