Saturday, January 7, 2012

Great Day!

This is NOT me jumping Stratego. If it were me,
there would be seatbelts and airvests!
Am in a really great mood and feeling like the luckiest broad on the planet.

I was able to take a lesson on my friend's horse Stratego today, which was wonderful.  (Thank you, Libby!!!) Learned a lot about how to ride him; even jumped him a bit.  This horse has a MONSTER jump.  Seriously, you could have an air hostess and drink service on this boy, you get up so high and stay up there so long.  We only jumped baby stuff in defernce to my confidence issues, but we overcame our difficulties and I'm hopeful I'll get another chance to jump him again soon.

After my lesson, I took the Sainted Mare outside for a hack in the gorgeous weather. It was sixty (6-0!!) degrees today and you can bet your boopie I was taking advantage of it.  Sug liked being outside, as she did a lot of sighing and snorting.

After our hack I took Cookie, my daughter's pony,  for a walk and a graze, and zipped down the highway to spend the afternoon at Knightsbridge Farm auditing the Joe Fargis clinic being held there. More on this later...

Really, it doesn't get much better than that.

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