Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Somebody needs a little more massage,
and fewer Girl Scout cookies.
Not only is this a fabulous song off The Clash's Combat Rock album, but it was the main question I was asking myself tonight.  See, I tweaked my lower back last week, and it's been acting up so badly it's seriously curtailing my riding time.  Which makes me cranky.  Cranky Amy = No Fun.  Just saying.

I've been icing myself so much I swear my tuckus has frostbite.  My friend the equine massage therapist has has been kind enough to treat me with the same cold laser she uses on my mares.  This involves me dropping trou and bending over an ottoman.  I'm a little concerned.  I think she's seen more of my tush in the past week than is healthy.  I'm not sure if I should take her out to dinner or at least buy her a drink, or announce her as my SO in my Facebook status.  I've also been slathering on so much Tiger Balm and Ben Gay I smell like a cross between a Red Hot and a Wintergreen Life Saver. 

BTW - A couple of funny ha-ha moments for you to giggle at:

#1 - Be careful when applying Tiger Balm/Ben Gay, especially if your injury is anywhere near your gluteus maximus.  Also, if you wear contacts, put on mittens immediately after applying topical muscle relief and make no attempt to adjust, insert, or remove contact lenses.

#2 - If you have a TENS unit, do not attempt to use it and multitask.  This is a recipe for failure.  Case in point: I called a client and attempted to adjust the level of the output from the machine while I was waiting for the client to answer her phone.  Let's just say I overestimated the level of stimulus I was capable of handling, and shocked the beejeebus out of myself.  My poor client picked up the phone to something along the lines of  "ARGH! #@!#^%$#@!"  Thankfully she knows me well. Sigh.

My chiropractor gave me the okay to ride today if I took it easy, but really, if one has been eating Motrin and muscle relaxants like they're candy and basically parking one's derriere on a glacier, maybe the riding thing isn't a good idea.  However, the not riding thing makes me crazy-go-nuts, which is not good for me and definitely not good for my family. So, I went.  And took it easy.  Trot sets on the hills in the fields around the barn (with me posting) and canter sets (in a half seat) and a gentle meander around the fields to cool her out. 

The riding part went fine.  The getting off and driving home part, not so much.  Thank goodness for the friend and the laser -- although pity the poor neighbors who saw more than they needed to while I was bent over the ottoman.  (Note to self: Get friend curtains for Christmas.)  Looks like a few more days of chiropractic, rest, and laser treatments and no riding.

I'm guessing that means I'll be getting my horse fix by watching my DVDs, FEItv, Equestrian Coach.com, and oh heck yeah, the US Show Jumping Selection Trials on USEFNetwork.com!
In case you didn't know it, and felt like losing some productivity at work, you can access the live broadcast schedule here.  Oh, and if you choose to go the no-work route and watch the selection trials on Wednesday the 21st, stop on by Horse Junkies United for a live chat at 12:50.

Don't get me wrong, I get that as far as riding setbacks go, I've got nothing to whinge about.  After all, look at McLain Ward, Tim Stockdale, Cameron Hanley, and my blogging buddy Miranda, who broke (this seems like an inadequate term given the severity of the injury) her leg in two (TWO!) places above the ankle.  She's rocking a really sporty purple cast, but that's small comfort when you were hoping to ride in a Peter Leone Clinic at Equine Affaire Ohio.  She'll still be going to EA, but will be riding a wheelchair instead of her mare.

How do you handle it when you can't ride, for reason of injury, travel, or general life craziness?


  1. Thanks for mentioning me and the lovely purple cast. I complain a lot about not riding, mom goes crazy. It is even worse with show season around the corner. I picked a bad time to break my leg. But I like to go to judgemyride.com to get my horse fix along with some other websites.

    1. Absolutely my pleasure to mention you! You're my hero! I whine when i miss a few days because of work travel or a whingey back. I can't begin to comprehend how you are going to cope, or how you've been able to cope so far. I had almost a year where Sug was injured, and that made me crazy, mostly because I was worried about her but there was a part of me that went nuts not riding. Feel better soon, M!

  2. ENABLER! I didn't have the schedule until you posted it... sigh! So sorry that you're "off"... I hope you feel better soon! (You are soo funny, too)

    1. Tee hee! Guilty as charged! Thanks so much for the kind words. Kiss the other Sugar for me!

  3. Horses at home. Must slog out to feed rain, shine, or crutches. (Actually, I love having them in the backyard. I miss barn folks, but I would make a terrible boarder after having done it my way for 20 years.)