Friday, March 2, 2012

Root for Your Team Tonight - The G&C Farms Nations Cup Live!

Gratuitous pic of me with Beezie
World Cup '09
The $75,000 G&C Farms Nations cup is being held in Wellington, FL, tonight, and you can watch the best of the best from around the word live on USEFNetwork.  Eleven teams will be vying for top honor, and not only can you watch this event live, you can share your thoughts and excitement LIVE with other fans from around the world on Horse Junkies United!  Simply open one page of your browser to USEFNetwork, and another to HJU, and let the fun begin!  Place informal wagers with fellow fans on which team will win, vote for your favorite rider, or the most stylishly turned out horse and rider pair.  Guess how many will find their way clear to the jump off, or see if you can come close to predicting the winning time.
See if you can find a glimpse of newly appointed US coach Robert Ridland somewhere on the grounds!

Captain Canada is
 riding Star Power tonight

The George Morris-led veteran US squad is comprised of perpetual stalwarts Beezie Madden, Margie Engle, Mario Deslauriers and Lauren Hough. Over the 11 year history of the event the US and Canada have been sharing the top space on the podium - the only other team to break in and win is Ireland (gotta love the Paddys!) The US hopes to pull even with Canada by winning their fifth title tonight.  Can the Yanks pull it off against a strong Canadian squad comprised of Ian Millar and Star Power; Tiffnay Foster and Victor; Yann Candale and his new star Landsdowne; and 2008 Eric Lamaze (sigh) on one of his new mounts, Derly Chin de Muze.

Game on, horse fans!!!!

Order of Go is as follows:

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  1. Thanks for letting us know. Will definitely watch!