Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Old Bay Mare...

Let me at 'em!
This was 2 years ago,
but this is what Sug felt like today.
Has still got it!!!  Sug and I had our first lesson in eons, and man, was it a blast.  I thought we'd have a lot more rust on our rockets, but from the moment I sat on her things felt in sync.

She marched out at the walk (she normally has a hip swinging amble.)  She powered around at the trot. (My trainer ACTUALLY said she was "in front of my leg." That's a new one.) I actually had to slow her down at the canter. (Again, not her usual S.O.P.).  Damn, I love the onset of chilly fall weather -- that's what I'm going to attribute this new found pep to.

Then we jumped for the first time in months.  I thought I was going to totally bomb all the distances.  I didn't.  I actually found a rhythm, stayed in it (for the most part) and the distances worked themselves out.  I was counting out loud like I was back in kindergarten (1-2-1-2-1-2) but so what, I'd go around Rolex counting out loud at the top of my lungs if it got me around the course.

We did tight figure eights, rollbacks, and actually jumped a couple of 3' fences, which I haven't done with any confidence in ages.  I can honestly say I did not even over think -- I just rode.  And had fun.  And the big bay mare had a blast.  She jumped like she was 10 instead of 16.  When we stopped she looked as if she could still go a few more rounds.  My fingers are crossed -- here's hoping age is just a number and today's burst of energy was not just an anomaly and my beautiful big girl has a lot more days like this in her.

Thanks, Sug. Momma had a lot of fun today.


  1. Age is only a number... get the Chronicle's Rolex and the pre-Olympic issues and check out the ages of both horses and riders... we're all ok...

  2. Sounds like an awesome ride! I love rides like that where everything just clicks.

  3. Thats fantastic, sounds like a great ride!

  4. Aw, I love this post. Love that big girl, I need to see her soon.