Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's That TIme of Year Again - Halloween and Horses!

I saw this on Facebook today and can only say I wish I had this person's creativity and artisitic ability.  This totally kicks butt!  Maybe one of the jumper riders in the Washington International Horse Show Gambler's Choice costume class will take inspiration from this rider -- how badass would you be coming in to a Grand Prix dressed like this??

Possibly the coolest equestrian Halloween costume ever!

Sadly, I'm a little less artistic/creative, as evidenced by Sug's first (and last) Halloween costume:

Sug dressed as a "Tough Girl." Or something.  I'm not quite sure what.

You'd think I would have learned after my only other attempt at making a Halloween costume.  This is the costume I made for my son's second Halloween.  For some reason I had it in my head that good mothers made their kid's Halloween costumes.  Now I know that's not true.  Now I know that creative mothers make their kid's costumes, the rest of us buy them.

He's supposed to be a tree.  That's a bird's nest on his head.  I think the tan thing on his chest was supposed to be a hole with a squirrel in it. Not 100% sure.  Amazing where your brain goes when you get a hot glue gun in your hands.  I'm pretty sure my husband threatened to divorce me if I ever made another Halloween costume for Noah.  By the way, if you happen to meet my son, DO NOT mention that I shared this with you.   
Noah as a "Tree." 
Again, execution does not match vision.

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