Saturday, October 20, 2012

O Happy Day!

My Heart Horse.
Some days are just great days. Period.  They don't have to be a "Special Day" or "Momentous Occasion" to be a good day.  In fact, don't you find that the simpler, non-occasion days are most often the best?

Why was today such a great day, you might ask? 

It was a gorgeous, mild, sunny fall day with beautiful fall hues abounding, and I got to spend my morning relaxing while watching my kids take a lesson.  The kids worked hard and clearly enjoyed themselves, and we then spent some quality time fussing over the girls and thanking them for their efforts. 

Po-Po and her Pit Crew

The Boy and his Mare.

I adore this pony
After our time at the barn we had lunch with a dear friend, ran some errands, then met another set of friends for a quick get together.  Both sets of kids played darts, pool and foosball hockey while the adults chatted and stuffed their faces. (Yes, if I'm involved, food is always involved.)

After a quick stop by Party City to get the kids' Halloween costumes we came back home and at that point I assumed the position I am in now -- flat on my back on the couch.  I'm indulging in a little more horse craziness, courtesy of the USEFNetwork and the Pennsylvania National Horse Show's  Prix de Penn National Grand Prix.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night.

To top it all off, look what I got in the mail today!!!  I'm going to finish my evening off by reading one before I go to bed, and am looking forward to reading another with my coffee tomorrow morning.