Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Best Laid Plains...

Ok, you know how I told you I wouldn't be blogging much this week on AWIP because I was blogging for HJU about the George Morris Gladstone program?  Well, it seems I fibbed.  Just had to share this.

Today I was all fired up to ride after seeing the flatwork session at Gladstone. I was gonna do some snazzy work with Sug, yessirree Bob! THEN I got home and the Boy tells me that he NEEDS to be at his spring concert tonight. Yesterday was when he first mentioned he HAD a spring concert, but then the story was that he did not need to go. Today that changed. He needed to go to protect the sanctity of the bond of clarinet players or something.
The recommended attire is for these events is white shirt with black pants. He pulled a shirt out of the closet and came downstairs looking like an extra from Fiddler on the Roof .  Seems my white peasant tunic got mixed in with his stuff somehow. We laughed hysterically for a few minutes before going into my husband's closet for something a bit more appropriate and putting the poor kid out of his misery.
Given how his revelation today affected my plans for the evening, I'm not feeling guilty about the fact that I am still laughing at him.  Don't get me wrong, I'm so proud of Noah for honoring his commitments and his responsibility to his fellow band members. I just wish he'd filled me in on the schedule a bit earlier, ya know?
Tonight's sacrifice assures me of the Mother of the Year award, yes?
(BTW, You get AWIP style points if you can name this tune!)

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