Sunday, May 8, 2011


Colleen Rutledge and her partner, Shiraz
I love coming across articles like this one from the Chronicle of the Horse, mostly because I realize I'm a work in progress. When I hear about someone likes this it motivates me and inspires me to be a better person, if only for a little while.  Perhaps on some level I feel that enough exposure to people like this and I'll be able to string those moments of personal betterment into even longer moments and maybe one day I can string those moments into a whole day or week.  You get the drift.

Most horse people I talk to at one point call their horse their sanity, their best friend, or their therapy.  Colleen Rutledge, recent Rolex Kentucky competitor and student of the great Jimmy Wofford, has three children, one of which has cancer and another that is confined to a wheelchair.  In the Chronicle article, written by Beth Rasin, Rutledge states, “I have an absolute belief that I want to live every part of my life to the fullest, to savor every moment,” and  "Everyone who gets upset over a bad dressage test or a rail—I just say, ‘It’s OK, I’ll work harder at it next time.’ I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff because there’s so much more going on. It’s just about enjoying the ride and living life to the fullest.”

One day I'd like to be that kind of person.  If you'd like to read more about this inspirational woman, go to

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