Thursday, May 19, 2011

What In The World Times 2....

Didn't think anything could be wierder than a horse jumping rope.  Consider me converted.  Not only is there wierder, there's waaaaaayyyyyyy wierder.  There's horse surfing.

Well, actually, isn't it more like equine assisted water skiing?  It's not like the horse is surfing.  The horse is pulling someone who is essentially wakeboarding behind or alongside it.

What gets me about this video is the thought these folks have put into it.  It seems like there's a school, as well as groups in other countries, France and the Netherlands for example, that have their own schools of thought on equine surfing.

These horses look like they're having a blast.  Can't imagine my aquaphobic mare would get into it, though.  I'm thinking of signing on for a few lessons...

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