Friday, August 12, 2011

Horse Tries to Swim English Channel, Cites Velvet's Mom as Muse...

English horse attempts record setting Channel swim...
Here's one for you from the "Odd News" category:  Off the coast of Sandwich, England a horse was rescued by RNLI lifeboat crews after it had swum more than an 1/2 mile out into the Channel.  The horse had spooked and unseated it's rider in the shallows, and then panicked and swum out into deeper water.

The owner called the lifeboat crews, who were able to attach a line to the horse 's bridle and coax it back to shore. 

With a mastery of understandment only the British can comman, the reporter states, "It's not known if the animal was actually trying to get to France."  Priceless!!!  Perhaps the horse had heard French equines had it better and was heading off to improve his lot in life!

Best quote ever was from one RNLI crew member, "Leading a horse to water is one thing but persuading it to come out again is a completely different issue.”

All's well that ends well!


  1. The first thing that popped into my head was that they eat horses in France, so that probably was not the best direction to pick. Then again, you figure he was leaving a town called Sandwich... Too weird ;o)