Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Horse Hero...14 Year Old Girl Leads Horse From Burning Trailer

This past Sunday 14 year old Grace Pilkington walked through fire to rescue her best friend, a 13 year old Thoroughbred named Hershey.  She and her mom were driving through Nashua, New Hampshire, when they noticed smoke coming from the trailer window.  They pulled over, and rushed back to find steam from a ruptured water cooler that ad caught fire.

Despite the flames, Pilkington immediately ran into the trailer, and as her mom lowered the gate on the trailer,  led her horse to safety.

Can I get a WOW from the audience?  You go, Grace!  Grace's mom now calls her Boyd Martin, a reference to the gritty eventer who, along with coworkers and friends, risked his life to rescue his equine partners when his barn tragically caught fire.

To read more, especially about the wonderful good samaritans who helped Grace and her mom (totally restores your faith in humanity) click here.

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