Thursday, March 31, 2011

And People Think I'm Wierd About My Horse...

Some people just don't seem to get the connection some people have with their animals.  For example, when my horse was injured and I thought she'd never recover, I was incredibly upset.  There were many who said, "Why are you so upset?  It's just a horse."  Or if they did not say exactly that, they would say some variation on that theme.

OK, I get that in the grand scheme of things that her injury was not the level of devastation created by a natural disaster, a serious illness, death of a loved one, or loss of home or job.  Credit me with some perspective.  The people in my life come first, and my animals come (a very close) second.  My horse is my friend, my joy, my teacher, my conscience, and my therapy, as well as a heck of a lot more.  If someone doesn't understand that it's possible to have an emotional connection with an animal, that's fine.  Just don't demand that other people share your beliefs.

But seriously, this video blew my mind.  Guess my view of the human/animal bond was somewhat limited. Thanks, Maria and Dominic - lesson learned!

(If you watch the video, check out some of the others to see how Maria and Dominic's story resonates in this community. The one where they serenade Maria is adorable!)


  1. I'd love to know why this goose fell in love with this particular guy!

  2. I've been following this story with Steve Hartman; it's absolutely adorable :o)
    People that have never bonded deeply with an animal rarely "get it". It's really a shame, as they are missing out on a truly wonderful gift.

  3. This is a new story to me. It's just so...true.
    Everything about it is true to the core. I love it.

  4. Always makes me wonder when people have that attitude if they only have room for so much love in their lives. Our hearts are boundless, so I can love my kids, my husband, and my horse. Measuring love is pointless. Your worry goes to the ones who need it the most at any given time, as well as the most love. And our lives are bountiful with love, from all sources. Lucky us.