Thursday, March 10, 2011

Holy Moly, This Mare's Talented!

As if we did not already know Zenyatta was amazing, here's more evidence to support that.  Did you know the mare can write????  I kid you not -- no opposable thumbs or formal education (unless starting gate school counts) and not only does she write, she has a DIARY!!  Even better, she just announced to the world that she is expecting!

In Diary Post #201 the Big Z writes:

I guess my guys at the farm could not wait a moment longer…and they scanned me this morning. I just had to share the news with you!  I AM IN FOAL!
This is my 15 day scan! From what I am told, everything looks fabulous and solid. The embryo looks to be a good size. So, at this time, everything is WONDERFUL!

I love it -- she writes like I do, with way too many exclamation points!  She goes on to say how she needs to contact "Bernie" (her baby daddy, Bernardini) to tell him the good news and how she's been CRAVING bananas. 

Best of luck to Zenyatta as she approaches this new stage in her magnificent career, and does anyone else think there are going to be truckloads of bananas showing up at Lane's End Farm, gifts from her adoring fans?

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