Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best Business Trip EVER!!!

Two cool bloggers with mares named Sugar meet in MA.
Some people are fortunate that their profession and their passion are one and the same.  To date, I have not been lucky enough in that respect; however, I can't complain, as my profession allows me to pursue my passion.  It's rare that the two intersect, as they did so serendipitously yesterday.

I'm on a business trip.  During the day I meet with clients, and at night I sit in my hotel room catching up on emails, perusing Facebook, and (this week) stay up way too late watching Shark Week.  My first night in Massachusetts I stayed in my favorite seaside town and while I was there I took a few pics and posted them to Facebook.  Shortly after I posted them a woman I've "met" through blogging responded to my post offering suggestions on where to eat while I was in town.  I'd totally forgotten she lived in the state I was currently traveling in!

Funny part about this --huge small world twist here- is that this woman is from New Jersey, as I am, and owns a mare named Sugar!  WHAT???? I dare you to calculate the odds on that!  Long story short, we were able to arrange to meet and after my meetings I drove to her barn, got to love on her GORGEOUS mare Sugar, and watched some of a dressage clinic that was being given by Niall Quirk.  Quirk is a former Irish national dressage champion and a well known clinician, specializing in teaching flatwork to jumpers and training event riders up to the 4* level.

HOW COOL IS THAT??!!??  As you can tell, I'm still smiling a day later.


  1. I follow both your blogs and sometimes get confused about which Sugar you are referring to! ;)

  2. It was awesome! Next time... we ride!!!